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  1. Hello! I want to buy a chip for ALFA ROMEO GTV 2.0L V6 TURBO.
    in the company powerchips.cs on ebay. I read that you installed this chip on your GTV. Are you satisfied with the chip and will there really be an increase in power?

  2. ANJ

  3. Hello from Portugal

    Sorry i hade to go, no he is not new, is from Innsbruck. But thanks very much.
  4. Hello from Portugal

    We work with them, and i have one friend from Innsbruck that works in Doppelmayr.
  5. Hello from Portugal

    Tanks allot Thanos, are you near Doppelmayr?
  6. Hello from Portugal

    Yes they are, the car already came with them from the previous owner.
  7. Just to say hello, this was my 6th Alfa and i love it. Alfa GTV 2. Turbo Best regarda ANJ

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