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  1. superrcafone

  2. Spider Sportivo

    I must say that although the 4C are beautiful, your spider is terrible with the OZ
  3. Spider Sportivo

    Do you know what kind of paint they use? +1 to know what paint they use
  4. Spider Sportivo

    if if there were only one who would put these rims on the spider it was you! you were fast you said you had repainted the dashboard? with what?
  5. Spaitalia 2014, 27 & 28 September

    sad but you're right
  6. Spaitalia 2014, 27 & 28 September

    do not start talking about the problem of language in belgium ... you will always find someone who speak English and Belgian club alfa has many Dutch member
  7. Spaitalia 2014, 27 & 28 September

    yes, for example the raidillon is just awesome, like a wall!
  8. Spaitalia 2014, 27 & 28 September

    Hello everyone, great news SpaItalia come back in 2014 the news is confirmed by the offical circuit site http://www.spa-francorchamps.be/fr/calendrier-meeting.php which of you will be present? For those who do not know SpaItalia, it is one of the largest concentration of Italian cars in Europe. On one of the most beautiful circuit of the world: Spa-Francorchamps is the ocasion to rub Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and other Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, De Tomaso ... it is also possible to drive the circuit.
  9. squadraveloce916.free.fr

    I have the same problem
  10. Spider in garden

  11. Spider Sportivo

    your spider is amazing, as always! but after when I look at mine I'm disappointed. go, it motivates me to continue processing thanks for the pics
  12. Hello evribody, As one know it all, Spaitalia is cancelled this year. I am going to try to organize a day on the circuit of mettet. I contacted people of the circuit who said to me that there is only a date of 14/07 in weekend. I also contacted several clubs for their to subject the idea and they are positive. As well as a club of ferrari which looked for an alternative has spa. It would be necessary to plan a 60€ budget by cars if we arrive has 160 participants. Call back you whom has spa it cost more than 100€ to be able to run 1 hour. t would cross 8 series of runs of 1 hour (only 20 cars in the same times on the track) If you are interested contact me. I inform you of the continuation(suite) for more information about the circuit of mettet http://www.circuit-mettet.be/
  13. hello from belgium

    for the moment i'm renovatilng the mecanics. i make the mantenance to do (belt, spark plug, brakes...) i have also put new carpet from alfisti, ... when the wether will be beter i have to renove the soft topwith RENOVO SOFT TOP REVIVER i bought a center console from a phase 2 and i 'have to make the change i wan't to put new wheels in 17" but i have not yet chosen . i would like to turn red the daschboard.
  14. hello from belgium

    thanks for your comments.
  15. alfa romeo spider

    alfa romeo spider

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