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  1. Hallo from the Uk

    Hi, I've been thinking about getting a Spider for a while. 20 years or so actually... but each time I was cash rich there was a different Funday car to own. Being quite tall I know that I don't fit into most two seaters - Mazda/Fiats/BMW's etc but I do fit into an SLK (r170) of similar vintage to the Alfa, having just sold an AMG SLK (350bhp) I thought - if I don't try now I never will own one. So I've bought one, it's a Rosso red 1998 2.0 and it's great fun to drive (oh those wasted years). Oddly enough I believe it is known to the board already as a previous owner used to daily it. I've had to sort out the garage a bit, as it's wider and there is more car behind me than in the SLK32. She's not without her faults, but I'm determined not to spend too much on the car. Naturally the wipers packed up straight away More pictures, and inane questions soon.
  2. BarryD

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