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  1. Valak

  2. Squadra916 Drive II at AlfaFest 2015: June 12-14

    Thank you all for attending the event, I know that it was with much effort, but I'm so happy to see it was worth it ! Hope to see you again soon !
  3. Squadra916 Drive II at AlfaFest 2015: June 12-14

    It's gonna be awesome to have you there, guys ! Can't wait !
  4. First ever official Squadra916 meet! 916 Drive

    Same here. As it stands right now, see you there !
  5. lets do squadra meeting

    I vote for Austria or Croatia. You won't have a big attendance for the first year, no matter what you do, but if the location is affordable and central, within 1000 km distance for most of us, some of us will be there, we will meet eachother face to face, have fun together (of this I'm sure, as only quality people drive Alfa Romeo and among them only the elite drive 916s ), we will set the things in motion and I'm sure that one year after another our numbers will grow !
  6. Stockholm says Hello!

    If you're going to put some mileage on the car, then I would go for the 2.0 TS, it's a more recent angine, easier to take care of ! If it's gonna be your car for the weekend, then go for the V6, the car is turning into a modern classic and the V6 is the engine that ages better with the car.
  7. lets do squadra meeting

    The first things that should be set are when and where, anything else is just details. I'd consider Croatia as it is pretty much in the center and easy to reach, as for the date mid summer it's great for those who have their holidays planned, but not so good for the budget, it's the peak of the season and the place will be full of tourists. Until we decide on a resort and a date any further discussion is not productive.
  8. Greetings from Romania !

    For other owners of 2.0 V6 TB Busso who have problems with their thermostats, I can confirm to you that the bulb from 3.2 V6 is compatible, you just have to use your old metal cover. I know I've read some very ambiguous comments on the matter and I was a little bit in doubt wether it wil fit or not.
  9. Greetings from Romania !

    Thank you, guys !
  10. Hello, Alfisti ! I am the proud owner of a '98 GTV 2.0 TB. I'm not sure if owner is the proper word for it as I don't feel like owning anything, actually I am the possessed one. Her name is Carla.
  11. lets do squadra meeting

    I think it's a brilliant idea ! We have plenty of time to plan everything properly, as right now we're in the wrong season ! Would be great for me to meet you and everybody else and I'm sure I'm not the only one from Romania willing to make the trip.
  12. Carla

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