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  1. Update: 1) Extra kit - sold out. 2) For 305/310mm - 2 items available. Discount for this item - 100 usd + free shipping worldwide. (don't missed usd with GBP :) )
  2. This adaptor kit allows 166 brake calipers and 305/330mm discs to be fitted to the following 916 models – 1/8/2.0 Twinspark /2.0 JTS 2.0 V6 TB – the adaptors my need further machining depending on what brake disc specification you use Fro Using 305mm (GTV 3,2 brake disc): These adaptors allow the Brembo calipers from a 166 and 28mm thick brake discs 305mm to be fitted to the front hubs. Note: The pads will not be completely covered by the discs and will stick out slightly outside the brake disc Adapters weight - 572 gr (for 2 x 286 gr ) Price for 2 adapters : 100 USD + shipping Fro Using 330mm (147/156 GTA brake disk) : If you want to fit 330mm dia x 32mm thick discs you will also need this kit as well – The price includes 8 off longer bolts, 4 off spacers, 2 off extended brake lines Price for 2 adapters + extra kit: 130 USD + shipping mail - savchenko100@gmail.com
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