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  1. Thank you sir I think dark blue suits the 916 very well although I am a bit biased! Service isn't really a problem in Johannesburg. I use Alfia Auto in Wynberg which is run by the ex workshop manager of Arnold Chatz and his brother in law. I can most some spares from the Sandton dealer but some trim parts I have to get from www.alfa-restoration.co.uk/shop/ and www.totallyalfa.com Unfortunately Arnold Chatz Craighall lost their franchise recently which is a real pity because they where THE Alfa/Fiat dealer in JHB for decades. I've heard servicing outside of JHB, Pretoria and Cape Town is difficult though.
  2. Hi all Alasdair from Johannesburg, South Africa here. I'm the owner of this 2003 3.0 V6 24v Spider in Lightning Blu with a Lys Grey leather interior. It's the Elegant Limited Edition with the extended leather pack (leather in the bottom door pockets and above the rear cubby) and 17 inch teledial wheels. I originally bought the car when it was 3 years old in 2006. I then traded it in on a 2009 147 16v JTDm in 2012. I was very sad to see it go and in 2014 bought it back from the owner. I subsequently spent the next 5+ years collecting parts and trim pieces to make the car pristine. I regularly trawl ebay and buy old stock parts when they come up on forums and via contacts. My aim for the car for the next year or so is to have it fitted with a Q2 differential, SMF flywheel and GTA clutch and refresh the suspension including Koni shocks. I've been a long time Alfa and Fiat owner and have had among others: 1971 105-series 1750 GTV with Momo Vega wheels 1969 rountail 1750 Spider 2003 Spider 24v 3.0 V6 (the one I currently own) 2009 147 Jtdm 16v 5-door (Argento silver with tan leather...beautiful car!) 2004 Phase 3 Spider 2.0 TwinSpark (white, black roof with red leather) 2015 Fiat 500S 1.4 100HP 2012 Fiat 500 1.2 Pop (significant others current car) 2017 Fiat Panda Twinair Lounge (current daily driver) 2019 Vespa Elettrica (I like anything Italian with wheels)
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