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  1. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Some pretty pics.
  2. Ultimate 916 Spider

    I have an abarth 695, a gtv and a shitbox octavia 1.8t 4x4 that has alfa badges to hide my embarrassment (it's just an estate to take things to the dump in) I have lots of small bits left to do, also considering putting wood effect hydro dip on dash. My aim was an homage to the 80's the spoiler reminds me of a 911 as it looks so out of place. The only other thing I would love to do is add a torque amp just for a giggle - but still too expensive.
  3. Ultimate 916 Spider

    A post of my Spider, bought a year ago and been slowly modding it since. Has just under 52k on the clock but was in a bit of a state when bought. Other things I have done include spraying the centre console (had a mouse nest underneath) and dash and fitting the wooden wheel from 164 alongside a wooden 147 gear knob. Bought the Wing off the owner of this thread then found a car with full cup kit which I stripped for parts as well as bits from GTV city. Fox quads on rear from ebay. Still bits to do, but cosmetically its done.
  4. lsgraham_uk

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