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    Hi Friends New member, just joined today. Looks like an awesome community. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Owned the 2003 2L JTS Spider for approx. 5 years. Been tucked away in a garage for the last few years. We gave her a clean & polish yesterday. All excited again! Made the decision to put back on the road and enjoy our pending warmish weather:) Some questions. Looking at EB Spares GTA 17 inch wheels. Worth the effort? They look great. We had a GTA a few years back. Suspension upgrades? Koni service the front on V6 but not the 2L, any alternatives? One of our issues with the Spider is a power steering hose leak. Quite complex on RH drive 916's. Anybody by-passed the pipes and ran rubber hoses only. Last one! Alfaholics Stainless Steel exhaust system. Anybody purchased? Makes the right noises and no drumming? Appreciate any assistance. The 916 series are aging so well. Ours is a keeper:) All the best Pete
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