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  1. My First Alfa....

    Evening All, Have always had a weekend toy to negate the boredom of company car driving, and after 2 MX5's (MK1 and MK2) and a Lotus Elise (great to drive but no practicality at all!) I've decided to take my first foray into Alfa ownership... I've bought a PH2 Spider, been stored for the last 5 years but went through its MOT, has had a new set of Toyo Proxies on a set of GT wheels fitted - it started life Silver and now is an unknown red (trip to a body shop to paint match to come). Paint needs love in places, but other than that it's all good (bar yesterday when having gone and checked the condition of my brake fluid, the ABS and Brake Warning light have come on and the speedo isn't working. I've read to death about the ECU... that's tomorrows job when the cable arrives! - wish I'd not checked my brake fluid!). As with all my previous cars, it's an ongoing project so as long as it runs and drives, it can look a bit sorry for itself at times when I'm tidying the bodywork - part of me is tempted to try wrapping it... Anyways, Hi to everyone!! Paul
  2. Hammondo

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