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  1. N-AM 007

  2. Hey guys, As the title says i was in a car accident (other cars fault) and my car has been written off. im looking at a 2003 3.2 V6 Spider, any tips or advice when looking at these cars and main things i should look out for?
  3. Car written off, want to replace with 3.2 V6 Spider

    Ive found 2 for sale in my state so no need to import.
  4. The new Alfa 4C

    Parrot entertainment system?
  5. Hello From Sydney

    Have you got a Q2 fitted? if so how much (if you dont mindme asking)
  6. Hello From Sydney

    Im thinking of getting a 3.2 spider, do you recommend it over the 3l?
  7. Sportiva interior

    how much to buy and ship to sydney australia
  8. Hi guys ive got a facebook page, www.thesuitguy.com and i want to incorporate my Spider in one of the pictures The whole point of my page is doing anything you wouldnt normally do. . . in a suit Can anyone think of any ideas? Also likes and shares of the page would be much appreciated
  9. Hello from Greece!

    Welcome from a greek australia!
  10. Finally...........

    Welcome, any pics of the car?
  11. Alfopolous TS Spider - Australia

    Hey guys, ill show a "time line" of my car with pictures when i get a chance to write one up. For now here are some 2 recent driving pics of my car Friends have given her the nickname Alfopolous
  12. Alfopolous TS Spider - Australia

    Thanks, this is the one i got for 79euro http://shop.alfisti.net/Tuning-Styling/Alfa-GTV-Spider/Suspensions/Wiechers-Strut-Bar::970.html. One of the best mods for the price! To improve spongyness get http://shop.alfisti.net/Tuning-Styling/Alfa-GTV-Spider/Brakes/Stainless-Steel-Brake-Pipe-Set-red::3677.html these braided brake lines, well worth the money.
  13. Alfopolous TS Spider - Australia

    New seats, from a Phase 3 Spider. Just a progress pic for now
  14. Alfopolous TS Spider - Australia

    Its to do with licenses in Australia. You initially do a computer test to get your L plates, in this time you need to complete 120 hours of log booked driving. You then do a driving test and if you pass you are given red P plates (provisional 1). After 1 year you perform a computer test and then get your green Ps (as above) (provisional 2). After 2 years of being a "P Plater" you do a final test and dont need to drive with them. Being on your Ps has a few conditions, red Ps mainly, max speed you can do is 90km/h (55mph), can only had 1 other person in the car after 11pm and restricted to Auto or manual (depending on what you used when you did your test)
  15. Alfopolous TS Spider - Australia

    I bought it in Jan 2009 and it was pretty stock standard. Had only 2 owners and was in very good condition And then after her first wash she was in a little photo shoot From this point on the modding began Started off with custom numberplates They were a present from friends AM standing for Aston Martin which i will buy eventually and 007 for my nickname James Bond. Then came a new Kenwood headunit as the old cd player decided to die on me. Also Alfa Romeo car mats put in aswell Next came the clear side indicators which took minutes to put in and look alot better and valve covers. Also a nice pic after 6 hours of washing her. Wash, wax, polish, buffer, the lot. Next came the strut bar, it made a vast improvement over the handling. It tightened up the front end and gives you so much more confidence through the corners. Was by far the best mod yet. Next up were the brakes. Initially i wanted new pads, but couldn't resist the performance and look of drilled and slotted discs so i had them all round. I then painted my calipers and hubs and applied Alfa script to the front and the Alfa serpent on the rear. After that i put on 147/156 GTA wheels, no spacers are needed, just bolt straight on. And let me tell you, they look great , prefer these over GTV V6 teledials to be honest. Ive also changed the parking lights to LEDs, give it more of a modern look compared to the yellow globes. Installed an Autodelta Air filter and removed the resonator box in my induction system and replaced it with a PVC pipe which i painted and decaled. Resonator i removed New pipe Replaced wipers with new slim lines ones (no pics) Also removed 2 of the 4 mufflers under the car to increase sound Painted rear bar Then nothing for a while until i received these, bilstein shocks, eibach springs and goodridge braided brake lines. Also had major timing belt service and installed new EBC Red stuff brake pads. Refer to first driving pictures to see ride height drop. Then i purchased a HID 4300K kit, big improvement.
  16. New from Australia

    Hi guys, Im James from Australia and i have a 2000 Spider TS. Ive had it for about 3 years now and love it. List of mods include: Autodelta foam air filter 17" GTA wheels EBC Red stuff brake pads Drilled and slotted discs Eibach Sprigs Bilstein Shocks Goodridge braided brake lines Removed resonator in intake Philips 4300K HID kit LED driving lights Clear indicators Steel strut bar Retrimmed gear knob removed 2 of the 4 mufflers in the exhaust The rear picture is before the new shocks and springs went on
  17. Hello from Switzerland

    very nice Brera wheels?
  18. Alfopolous TS Spider - Australia

    Thanks, they are just LEDs off ebay from Germany http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LED-Standlicht-LEDs-w5w-T10-CanBus-Widerstand-Mercedes-/190537317427?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item2c5ce8bc33
  19. Snow White tales

  20. Alfa Romeo GTV 3.2 V6 24V (2005)

    Love the car, great music video to! Remos better watch out!!
  21. Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 TS

    Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 TS

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