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  2. So have had my GTV 2.o JTS for about two weeks now, and am loving having a proper Alfa! My 1.4 TB Mito died earlier this year and when I saw this Bella for less than £1000 I could not resist a test drive, and fell in love! Glad to find a hub for all things 916! Will be providing an update of all the Cleaning and gremlins that I have ironed out over the next few days. I have been waiting to collate it so that I do not 'spam' the forums, which may end up happening anyway because I am ecstatic with my purchase and cannot wait to improve it little by little, day by day! All things going well, and hoping that I have found a Dimond in the rough! defiantly feel like I have saved it from a terrible end to its life, which is already an amazing feeling! I look forward to meeting other enthusiasts and appreciate any help, advice and comments!
  3. Mrkgod

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