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  1. Hi to all

    Lovely! Love the black rocker cover, looks very good.
  2. Tristan

  3. Greetings from Leeds (UK)

    New knob and the Alpine. I'll be changing the centre of the knob for an Alfa badge shortly.
  4. Hi everyone. Last Wednesday I picked up my 2nd GTV. It's the same model and colour combination as my first one, only MUCH MUCH nicer! The previous one I bought for £450 for a giggle and basically ran it until it died. It was abused, had no real maintenance during my ownership and was pretty much driven like I had stolen it. However, I loved that car. So much so that I spent around a year looking for another one. A nice one. One to look after and keep. Then I came across this one. It's had a cambelt, variator and water pump less than 2000 miles ago, it's got a full powerfelx kit fitted, new clutch, new slave and master cylinders and the list goes on and on. I must have looked at around 6 or 7 of these and this is by far the nicest, tightest and most sorted of the lot. Weirdly it was also the cheapest! Result, it was only a 3rd of what I was willing to spend! She does / did have the odd niggle, such as a very badly fitted exhaust that was banging off the bodywork and chassis (I think this is why it was so cheap, as everyone probably assumed it was the rear suspension clattering about) and also there was a lot of annoying rattling coming from the driver's door (window regulator just need tightening up. Didn't even have to remove the door card). Other than that, there's just a few tiny cosmetic issues to sorts, nothing major at all. So far, I have fitted a new (old school late 90's Alpine) head unit, Focal Polyglass speakers to the doors and will be mounting an 8" sub directly to the rear shelf, which will be powered by a genesis amp (profile four, running the fronts and bridged for the rear sub, although I also have a profile sub amp, so may use that also and run the fronts fully active). I've also shortened the shift lever and fitted a much nicer gear knob. (I'll add a photo of that later). Couple of piccies for you all.