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  1. 24k P2 GTV TS Lusso value?

    I would appreciate some advice on the likely value of my GTV. It has covered just 24k miles, FSH, recent cam belt, silver with mint red leather. Excellent condition with sunroof. 3 owner car. Thinking of selling it. Would appreciate comments.
  2. Newby with 3 x 916's

    Thanks for your advice. The tank is 1/8th full. Should I pump it out with a hand pump and put a couple of gallons of fresh petrol in? Do people make too much of a big deal of stale modern petrol? Cheers.
  3. Newby with 3 x 916's

    Howdi. I found this international forum, it looks interesting, I will be needing some advice on my most recent 916 acquisition. I am based in the UK. I have a 3.0 V6 Lusso in red with 48k miles, a black 2.0 T-Spark with 51k miles and I have just acquired a third 916 - a 2.0 T-Spark as a project car with 30k miles on it. This last car needs serious TLC as it has been left unused outside for about 8 years and was last started 4 years ago. The brake discs are dark brown, I had to replace the two front wheels to move it as the tyres collapsed, the battery is dead, the rear calipers need refitting, the clutch pedal is set solid at the top. However, the body and interior are excellent. I can't hear the fuel pump click when I turn on the ignition with a jump battery attached. The oil is still liquid. I understand the previous owner parked it up as he had a problem starting it. As he had several other cars he just left it and forgot about it. Please could anyone give me a list for recommissioning? My biggest worry so far is that the clutch is stuck hard, making me think the master cylinder and pipes are glued up with old brake fluid? Good advice would be appreciated. Regards, JC