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  1. Alfa Spring 2019.jpg

    AROC Alfa Spring Day 2019, Beaulieu National Motor Museum, UK
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  3. IMG_20190416_180314.jpg

  4. Steam or Sail?

  5. Greetings to 916 owners all the world over! The news is not always happy these days - but least we have our beautiful Alfas to keep us on the right road! Happy New Year! Joe
  6. Spider at sunset

  7. Horsepower.jpg

  8. The Power Plant

  9. SAM 2364

  10. SAM 1804

  11. V6 3.0L Spider at Lulworth Cove

  12. SAM 1811

  13. Hello all from London

    It's good to join a forum celebrating a great car. I've been an Alfa driver for around 10 years and just taken delivery of a V6 3.0L Spider (2000) - enjoying every minute of it!
  14. Hello all from London

    Hi Gordz. Good to link up. Where are you in Canada? I've just taken the Spider down to the English South Coast - Dorset. Superb weather and great clear roads - it was a treat! I'll upload some photos.
  15. Joe_London

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