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  1. Greatings from Denmark

    Hi Claus and welcome!
  2. AlfaDriver.com

    Maybe you mistyped the URL
  3. Here comes the greeting from Sweden

    Of course, here I have uploaded some pictures. http://www.squadra916.com/forums/garage/vehicle/283-alfa-romeo-gtv-916/
  4. Here comes the greeting from Sweden

    Oh, thanks a lot. Today I was at the Biltema, bought not anything fancy but had coffee and bought brake fluid.
  5. Here comes the greeting from Sweden

    Thanks, it's a 916 model year -95. 2,0 16v TS
  6. Here comes the greeting from Sweden

    Thank you for say hello to me, I like all of you. Biltema is great, they have a fishing rod and shovels but no parts to GTV. I buy parts for my GTV from England and Germany. It works very well.
  7. My GTV 916

  8. Hello everybody! I'am Johnny from Sweden. I own a GTV 916 from 1995. I am a alfisti and fan of GTV.
  9. Alfa Romeo GTV 916

    Alfa Romeo GTV 916
  10. Welcome to the forums goto737 :)

    1. goto737


      Thanks, it seems to be nice here.

    2. goto737


      Thanks, it seems to be nice here.

Welcome to Squadra916

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