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Everything posted by ToxyMaTT

  1. Beautiful Alfa's arround the World

    A friend of you Villani ? Beautifull GTA with gold OZ Ultraleggera wheels :
  2. Beautiful Alfa's arround the World

    Is it homologate in Switzerland with the 3.0L engine ?!
  3. Beautiful Alfa's arround the World

    Wow great idea ! Your GTV is just awesome !!! What are the differences with an original GTV ? Front lip ? Zender Milano are the best wheels for 116 IMO !! And engine is a 3.0L ?!
  4. Here are my pictures of the Montreux GP. This event was last weekend, in Swiss There was some BEAUTIFUL Alfa from the museo storico of Arese !
  5. [Pics] Montreux GP ... 6-9 sept. 2o12

    Rest of the cars Lots of Italians ... but not only Sun goes down, let's hurry up for taking some more pics !! Sunset over Leman's lake is magnificent !!!
  6. [Pics] Montreux GP ... 6-9 sept. 2o12

    Here are the Alfas :
  7. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    As promise, pics of my trip to Nufenenpass !! Before ... Here we are !!! Nufenenpass :
  8. Beautiful 916s around the World !

    Domi's GTV inspired me for my front plate's location !! Looks great
  9. Villanis GTV 3.0 V6 24V Red Style

    Great combo ! What are the next upgrades ?!
  10. Spider Sportivo

    Wow stunning pic !!!
  11. My GTV V6 TB

    Please Charlee !!!!
  12. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

  13. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Car needs negative camber at the front for the tyres ! But these tyres are reeeeeeeally good for track use I just came back home from a very trip in holidays with my GTV ! I went to Ticino (Swiss), and drove in lots of beautifull passes !!! Pics soon !
  14. My GTV V6 TB

    What happened ?!
  15. Spider Sportivo

    Woooooooooooow :wub:
  16. GTV V6 3.0 24V

  17. My GTV V6 TB

    Charleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!?
  18. Alfaholics decat section

    I'm selling my decat section for all CF1/2 V6 It fits to : - 3L V6 24v CF2 - 3L V6 12v - 2L V6 (only mk1) Here's the link on alfaholics : => http://www.alfaholics.com/2010/07/v6-de-cat-126/ At the actual exchange rate, it costs 270€ I sell mine 170€ (shipping price in addition, I don't how much it costs for european shipping from France)
  19. Alfaholics decat section

    It's sold, you can close this topic
  20. My GTV V6 TB

    10 days without a pic !! Where are you Charlee ??!
  21. new maniac from Bulgaria :)

    Welcome here ! Beautiful pics, and I am in a hurry to see your GTV with the Cup kit and the 18' wheels !
  22. Alfaholics decat section

    No, mk1 tb have a 2in1 cat section, where as mk2 tb have a 1in1 cat section
  23. Spider Sportivo

    :wub: Looks stunning !!! Love it !
  24. My GTV V6 TB

    Charlee we are waiting for your pics with your new wheels !!!

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