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Everything posted by ToxyMaTT

  1. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Thx man ! Photo is just a hobby for me...! Some fresh news ... My GTV is now for sale... After 4 years of upgrades and driving, I want other thing ... It's been almost 4 years that I want a Lotus Elise S1 ... so I'm finally going to act !! Maybe in a few months ...
  2. Spider Sportivo

    Congratulation Joris
  3. newbie

    +1 Welcome here ... and please post pics of your NSX !!!
  4. My Cup

  5. new maniac from Bulgaria :)

    Hey guy, do you have mouted your front cup spoiler now ?! We want more pics !!!!
  6. Spider Sportivo

    I really love your spider with the Teledials ! And the sportiva leather with redstyle ... :wub:
  7. Spider Sportivo

    Wow stunning pics Joris !!
  8. Spider 2.0 16v Turbo From The Netherlands

    Beautiful spider you have !! Love the color, and the wheels are very nice too !
  9. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Some news guys !! Here's a video of my actual exhaust setup : And here's another video, took some months ago, when I still had my decat with the EL downpipes :
  10. BG GTVv6TB

    Love the wheels with this concave effect !!!!! :wub:
  11. My GTV V6 TB

    This GTV comes from Switzerland, where dark windows are illegal at the front ! In France there is no limit. Personaly, I don't like dark windows on GTVs ...
  12. My GTV V6 TB

    Charlee we are still waiting for your pics !! A friend of mine has the same as yours, except it's a 3.0L ... look at that !
  13. Villanis GTV 3.0 V6 24V Red Style

    Stunning GTV ! A agree with the others : it needs to be lower !
  14. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Thanks all
  15. Didn't know this was possible ! I think it would have been cheaper to buy a LHD V6 and find a Cup kit no ?
  16. Spider Sportivo

    Are these Teledials your new set of wheels ? Or only your winter wheels ? It looks perfect with those wheels !!!
  17. My GTV V6 TB

    Good new !!
  18. Spider Sportivo

    Beautiful pics (and spider... )
  19. Alfopolous TS Spider - Australia

    Nice color
  20. Beautiful 916s around the World !

    Don't know the color code, but love it ! Very classy
  21. Stickers

  22. Beautiful 916s around the World !

    Love the color !!
  23. Beautiful Alfa's arround the World

    And this one is Bacon's GTA (on Alfaowner) I love BBS CH wheels on Alfa ...

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