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Everything posted by ToxyMaTT

  1. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Still for sale ... but nearly sold
  2. Spider Sportivo

    Great photo shoot !!
  3. Spider Sportivo

    Love the steering wheel !!! Perfect !!!
  4. Spider Sportivo

    I see that Laco had modified the end, there's more length after the exhaust braid
  5. My GTV V6 TB

    Love your interior with the red stitches and alcatara ... and carbon !! Amazing !! :wub:
  6. Our Alfas

    Yes my GTV is still at home ... But it's in a good way with an Alfisti that I know, he already owns a GTV 116 2.5 V6, and his father drives a 75 3.0 V6 ! So If I sell it to him, it will be cherished as well as with me!
  7. Our Alfas

    Alxege, your Brera is stuning !
  8. Our Alfas

    My new daily is at home. I'll still stay alfisti : it's a 146 1.6L TS After a big exterior and interior washing, here's a couple of pics :
  9. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    My new daily is at home : => http://www.squadra916.com/forums/topic/265-our-alfas/?p=8539
  10. Spider Sportivo

    Wow this steering wheels looks amazing !! Love it !
  11. Zoe Yellow Spider

    I love this Zoe Yellow !!
  12. new maniac from Bulgaria :)

    Love these wheels with the cup kit !!!
  13. Spider Sportivo

    Love the pics in the construction site !
  14. Spider Sportivo

    Rota GK-R look like Enkei NT03 ... I love those wheels when they have concave effect !!
  15. Spider Sportivo

    And it's not mine ...
  16. Spider Sportivo

    For me yes ... But I find 19' wheels too big for GTV, and I love OEM wheels so ...
  17. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Always loved your GTV !!
  18. Spider Sportivo

    :wub: In my opinion ... Your spider looks so more amazing with the Siena or Teledials !!!
  19. Had a little drive today

    Any new pictures Charlee ???
  20. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    I usually just drive around, looking for new places to photograph the GTV. If I'm lucky, I find some nice places If not ... I take pleasure driving the GTV, so not of lost time
  21. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    This afternoon was the time to clean up the GTV ! Start with Meguiars clay bar And finish with Autoglym High definition wax And here the result !
  22. Spider Sportivo

    Love the 156 steering wheel with the red stitches and the flat underside !!
  23. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Because it's time to change ... and I can't own two sport cars ...
  24. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    It's on 4 french forums, and also here : => http://www.autoscout24.fr/Details.aspx?id=227087756 I love my GTV ... but I love even more the Elise, and the "light is right" ... When you drive it ... it's too late, you must own one ! Maybe in a few years I'll be back to Alfa Romeo, but with a 156 GTA... But now I can't own 2 sport cars ... so must take a choice ...

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