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  1. Hello from the UK

    A great engine: four valves per cylinder; ignition with two spark plugs per cylinder; ignition and injection controlled, if I'm not mistaken, by the advanced Bosch Motronic Multipoint integrated electronic management system; double camshaft head ... Are spare parts available in England?
  2. Hello from the UK

    what engine do you have?
  3. Dear alfisti friends, the new owners of the "Palazzo Gardella", built by Alfa Romeo in Arese in 1971, which housed the technical offices of the company, seem to want to demolish it (to expand the commercial space built after the demolition of the factory which took place a few years does). We Alfisti in Italy want to oppose it, because it represents a part of Alfa Romeo's history and the last testimony of the legendary Arese plant (where our 916s were also produced until 2000). I would ask you kindly, if you believe and if you think it is right, to sign this petition which will be sent to the Italian government to stop the demolition. I and many of my friends have already done this. To sign the petition, enter here and follow the steps, thank you https://www.petizioni.com/salviamo_il_centro_tecnico_alfa_romeo?fbclid=IwAR2LOPGgphFiLXJOtCxeOqcPAIbcmJ0RB3mzLPCUR9O9N3mmtFElmyq8CfI
  4. Hello from the UK

    Ciao! Congratulations for the car and also for the wonderful place where you live! i love english landscapes
  5. ciao....from italia

    Ciao Giuseppe, complimenti per le tue alfa romeo!
  6. GTV V6

    You were right to get back to driving an Alfa Romeo
  7. DSC 1978

    Very nice gathering!
  8. toyalfasweb

    Foto bellissima!
  9. hello from NL

    Ciao Maarten, great idea! but do you do it all by yourself? Congratulations for the 147 gta. For a long time I have been undecided whether to buy a 147 gta or the Spider 3.0 V6
  10. Hello from Bulgaria

    Ciao Slavi, congratulations for the very nice GTV. I really like the wheel rims and the interior color. It also appears to be in excellent condition
  11. Hello from Oregon

    I am in Italy. where are you going to ride with the Alfa?
  12. Hello from Oregon

    welcome and congratulations! do you have a 3.0 or 3.2 engine? Try going to the SUBITO.IT site and look for Gtv / Spider spare parts. You can find many spare parts there.
  13. Hello from Russia

    Congratulations, they are beautiful! and above all with exceptional engines! I also have a Spider 3.0 V6. But can you go in Russia with the top open?
  14. Harry's 916 Spider

    Hello! it's nice to know that even in Norway there are Alfa Romeo Spider lovers!

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