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  1. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    Hello. There are updates on the project. Fully remanufactured rear suspension. Moreover, polyurethane was NOT used in the levers. At the moment, the machine is completely disassembled and is waiting in line for welding. Unfortunately, many photos have been lost. The hard drive in the laptop is broken.
  2. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    to be cont ...
  3. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    6. Zender Wing… The engine slowly overgrows, with newer and newer spare parts, such as pistons, camshafts, both, valves, a variator bed, bushings and bearings of bearings, and other small things, but this will be discussed in detail later, when the engine assembly begins, and we hunted for the coveted Zender wing, which was put on the version of the Sup. The price for a new one bites, and something on the website on which the new one was offered, the link disappeared from the section of the offered products. Searched for bu ... as a rule bu sold very quickly ... On one such boo came across an ebay in England ... not expensive, but the seller flatly refused to send it to Ukraine. Come take it and that's it ... in general, after much persuasion, he agreed to an extreme case, send me to England where I write. We agreed and he sent it in my name to the warehouse of a logistics company. It took a long tiring 22 days and cheers, the wing came while I was away, Uri got it unpacked and took a picture for me so that I would warm my belly in the sun, smile and be happy: Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Unpacked Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender tried on ... Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Full size Alfa Cup Wing by Zender Wah ... Of course you have to paint, but it will be painting with the whole machine :). Price with delivery in England and from England to Ukraine: $ 144.45
  4. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    5. Help ... Counterbore pistons ... I would very much like to have counterbores in the pistons so that when the timing belt breaks, the pistons do not meet the valves. Because say we will prepare for the worst, but of course hope for the best. Searched Tsekovochki Designed a counterbore in a piston. With a standard gasket 1.8 mm thick, with a connecting rod length of 144 mm, the following picture is obtained. Full size Where it is thin, there it will tear. Full size The red marks are dangerous ... Here, either shorten the connecting rod, or "raise" the cylinder head with a thicker gasket. Searched depths Full size Goodd ... The finish option. Full size So, we need information: 1. What are the gaskets for the Alphovsky 2.0TS engine ... in stores, no one is available, see, we don’t particularly like Italians, no one is available, I just have to buy in order not to see ice ... I have was poronite, 1. 8mm, is there a metal packet and what is its thickness? 2. Are there Alfovsky connecting rods with a length different from 145 mm ... Thanks …
  5. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    4. Engine 2.0TS - troubleshooting, or Fatality We disassembled, scattered, carefully examined the entire motor, for something something with it, what to do and which way to go on to the cherished goal. In short, as in that movie: - How do you like your boat (motor)?! *! * - This is a complete cunt ... ... ... ...! delight seerrr! ... Actually, this did not come as a surprise, it was expected, it was not a surprise, and we are ready for it :). The task that was set for the motor when buying was to get to Kiev, and he successfully dealt with it, poor thing, and did not dry out on the way. We can definitely say that they tried to reanimate the motor with average blood, but it did not work out. If we consider in detail, then situevina with the fact that the following was pulled out of the hood, so: Crankshaft: Full size AR32301, Crankshaft. Crankshaft Troubleshooting The main necks are in nominal size, but have uneven wear and loss of cylindricality from two to four hundredths of a mm. In this case, the wear exceeds the minimum permissible size by 2 hundred parts. Requires resurfacing to repair size. The connecting rod journals are already ground in the first, and only, repair size. Like the main ones, they have uneven wear and loss of cylindricity, while it is pronounced due to the design of the lubrication system of the connecting rod and root necks. Depreciation of the minimum size ranges from 3 to 5 hundredths of a mm. The central journal for thrust bearings is also of repair size, and also wear exceeds the minimum permissible size. The necks have traces of direct contact friction with the liners, which was also noted on the liners. Crankshaft Troubleshooting AR32301 The crankshaft needs to be restored, but I will not use it on the engine, which will be in the next topic. Cylinder block: Here fatality, so fatality. Absolute absence of traces of honing on the walls of cylinders. The cylinders are polished so that in this reflection you can shave like in a mirror. In view of the low R / S = 1.593, the cylinders have a characteristic wear and tear, like a dancer’s waist ... Above and below, wide, in the middle - narrow. In one cylinder in the center, so generally fit into the tolerance. Bts The piston skirts have wear that is visible to the naked eye, the oil rings are completely absent, so the pistons did not even measure. Despite the good oil appetite, all the rings are free and not stale. Cylinder head: also underwent intensive wear, the camshafts were the most affected. Absolutely all inlet and exhaust camshafts necks have various degrees of wear, some immediately go beyond the upper limit of the working clearance. But this would not be critical, because the necks can be relatively easily restored, if not for the wear of the cams. Full size Camshaft Troubleshooting Camshaft cams are very worn out. On the intake shaft, 4 out of 8 cams have wear. And in two cases it’s just disastrous. The second cam of the first cylinder is worn 3.47 mm, and the second cam of the fourth cylinder is 2.63 mm. Swerl effect is good in these cylinder turned on the inlet :). On the issue, the situation is even more catastrophic, out of 8 camshaft cams - six are worn out, with wear from 1 mm. In general, camshafts in the trash or for souvenirs. Since I deal with Alpha engines for the first time, the explanations from the “experienced” are that it is from the “chips” that fall under the fists, sort of clarifying the situation. But after I dribbled a little deeper, I have another version - the failed hydraulic compensators of the valve clearance are to blame for such wear on the cams. When I checked the "hydraulic lifters" I noticed one characteristic feature. Full size Hydrik troubleshooting Under each worn cam - it was sagging, i.e. Having lost its working capacity and tightness - a soft hydraulic compensator. "Chips" under the cam and gidrik absolutely disappears, due to the fact that: - firstly - on the same cylinder, for example, the 1st and 4th cylinders of the intake shaft, only one of the pair of cams has worn out. - secondly - the base diameter of all the knuckles on both shafts was left absolutely without wear! All absolutely basic diameters of the cams have a diameter of 36.0 mm, in addition, on the 1st cylinder of the exhaust shaft, the base diameter is slightly less than 36.0 mm, on 2 hundredths!, And the cams are normal and not worn out. ... - thirdly, not one of the hydriks has wear on their outer diameter, which is impossible in the presence of “shavings”. ! The valve of the hydraulic compensator, which has lost its tightness, leads to the fact that when a fist rolls on the hydraulic, the latter simply "fails" without creating resistance. The load, with working hydrika, growing smoothly, now turns into a "shock". I measured the free run of a “failing” hydric - it ranges from 2 to 3.5 mm. In this state of affairs, the camshaft cam simply “blurs” the cam along the surface of the hydric, like a hammer on the anvil, high contact stresses arise, which wear out the cam cam and rivet the hydraulic surfaces. The photograph clearly shows - under all the worn fists - all sagging hydraulic lifters - have traces of "hardening" on their surface! Full size Wear - Hydraulic Cam The exhaust camshaft, in general, has such a profile that it knocks out a characteristic "hole" right in the center of even a working hydraulics. I believe that the cam shape is not optimally shaped by the profile of the cam and the "too" free run of the "faulty hydraulic compensator", in general, the maximum free play of the hydraulics should not exceed 1 mm., But here - 2-3.5 mm! Outlet and intake valves and valve bushings: All inlet and outlet valves, as well as valve bushings, are within tolerance, and I think they are new! Full size Valve and valve bushing troubleshooting Valve bushings are so precise, they have absolutely no wear and tear, and Metelli metal-ceramic is worth it, although according to rumors there should be "cast iron" ... valve seats have a very regular shape and without wear. Full size Full size On 100% balancing shafts, bearings must be changed. CVT also thinks knocking. Cranks without wear, but I did not measure them, because immediately sent for reforging. So the motor passed rebuild 100 percent, but died anyway. :). The rest does not make sense to write. There will be a new motor: Some spare parts have already arrived, so I will slightly open the curtain: - a crankshaft with 1.8TC in nominal came, how much easier it is than with a stroke of 91 mm. Full size Crankshaft 32201, 1.8TS, stroke 82.7 - the pistons came, with a puddle as expected, but a little need to be finalized: Full size Pistons - came custom sleeves Full size Liners Cutaway sleeve. Custom sleeve. - the connecting rods passed the replacement of the upper head bush by 22, and the length of the connecting rod decreased to 144 mm Full size Connecting rods. Finger 22, length 144 mm Everything is already spinning in processing, so we continue ... - camshafts with normal wear are searched. - and possibly a variator, but this is not yet accurate. Full size Price tag : 100 500 UAH Mileage: 217332 km
  6. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    3. Engine is out, be cont… They pulled out the motor. Well, it’s heavy, for four cylinders. A little tormented with a bolt securing the timing gear to the crankshaft. The bolt did not yield to either side. The council of young, old and invited experienced deers by the general meeting of votes decided that the thread on the bolt is normal, right. The picture in the manual also showed Left-handed thread, ... left-handed. that tighten clockwise, dismantling against. A fellow with a pipe was called to help and ... in the end, they licked the edges on the bolt. They cut down the bolt with a grinder and twisted it with the fingers to the right. Then, for those especially gifted in the manual, above the picture in the text it is written that the bolt is Left Hand thread and this was correct, despite the contradiction with the picture. Nude, have to buy a new one. On the cylinder head, on the attachment plane, the figure 0.2 mm was freshly applied with a marker. So much removed from the plane, with the rebuild of the cylinder head. The combustion chamber is all in the products of oil burning, new candles that are not capable of self-cleaning due to burning oil over 1300 km of run turned into soot-smoked balls. Full size 0.2 mm Full size Intake valve Full size Intake valve Pistons: Full size Pistons The piston skirt is worn, on some pistons on the badass skirt. Full size Full size Full size Full size The grooves on the pistons are clean, all rings have absolute freedom. There is no soot from oil in the grooves, incl. oil scraper. The compression rings are normal, but the oil scraper are bald like Bruce Willis. They did not fulfill the high confidence shown in them for removing the oily film from the surface of the cylinder; they had absolutely nothing to do. Inserts that indigenous that connecting rod - slippers. Mass starvation + contact friction Full size On the necks of the crankshaft there are also small risks and traces of contact friction with liners. Full size Full size Full size To summarize briefly: they tried to revive the engine after overheating at a low cost, tossed new rings that wiped off the remaining honing in the cylinders. The liners did not change. Broken one bolt in the timing gear Full size Full size Mileage: Full size Let it be - a turbo engine with a GT2860 turbine. TDP: Full size Estimated Planned Capacity Having learned the cost of the Wiseco turbo piston, I bought a car cheaper ... The action plan is already there. I ordered pistons ... And it will NOT be Wiseco Price tag : 0 ₽ Mileage: 217332 km
  7. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    2. Engine is out. The fact that the motor needs attention was obvious even in the buying process. Candles were sprayed with oil, puddles of oil settled in the intake manifold, but the breather and crankcase ventilation were in perfect condition. Creepy smoke at increased speeds of the twentieth, and under the discharge of GAZ. Oil consumption - 4 liters per 1300 km. There were three options: 1. Oil scraper caps. 2. Oil scraper rings. 3. Both options. Full size AR32301 To begin with, we decided to check option 1, the cylinder head was removed. In the process of dismantling, it became clearly clear - the motor recently passed a rebuild. The timing rollers are new, but China, the timing belt and the balancer shaft drive belt are new, the pump is new. Tons of sealant are plastered on all adjacent connectors with overhanging surplus rollers. Full size Without cylinder head cover The cylinder head was dismantled, it also went through a rebuild. Full size Cylinder head bolts The valves and guides are new; deposits of combustion products did not have time to form on the valve plates, with the exception of oil from the side of the compressor. Oil scraper caps are new. The camshaft cam condition is normal, with no signs of wear. Bgggg ... or rather a furry animal to both, and the inlet and outlet. In general, option 1 fell off. The exposed cylinders fully revealed the cause of the oil intake. Complete lack of honing on all cylinders. Full size Full size The honing belt remained only above the upper compression ring - below the mirror. Full size Full size Depreciation of the cylinders is visible to the naked eye. Motor for repair - and preparation for installing a turbocharger. They decided to remove the motor without cylinder head and mounted separately from the gearbox, with the help of a universal puller - the R16 bus. We will not do more such feats, remove the engine separately from the gearbox. Full size If not for the “appendicitis” on the oil pan, then everything went like clockwork. I still have not understood its function in the motor. Mileage: 217332 km
  8. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    Hey. English is not my native language, so the whole text was translated using a Google translator. If there are errors in the translation, to correct. 1. Customs clearance , no longer a "badge", but still without numbers. The car was bought and brought to Ukraine at the Lithuanian registration. Initially, when buying a car, regardless of the development of the situation with the “badges” in Ukraine, the option to start the car for sale or “on the nuts” was excluded. Knowing which state we live in for customs clearance, as in the "decaying west" they didn’t even count, but they revised a certain law on reducing "barrage" customs rates, all the "blachers" were given a grace period and a discount on excise tax during customs clearance. The price tag on customs clearance became more humane than it was. For comparison, two plates. It was - this is what happened before the adoption of the new law on customs clearance. It has become - these are bets after. Full size Before and after Price decreased by customs more than 5 times. The decision was nice right away: Customs. I found a broker, we discussed all the issues, including the fact that the car couldn’t come to customs under its own power. She is without a motor. This has not become a problem. At the appointed time, a tow truck arrived and took the car to carry out all customs procedures. Full size To customs ... Everything went as planned. Full size To customs We filled out all the documents, paid all the necessary payments. To customs and back … Full size Customs cleared the car, but certification without a motor does not pass ... The motor is removed, detected, I’ll say this in full…, delight, which will be discussed in more detail. So, no longer a plaque, but without family numbers. Price tag : 52 500 UAH (2100$) Mileage: 217332 km
  9. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0TS

    Hey. English is not my native language, so the whole text was translated using a Google translator. If there are errors in the translation, to correct. 10 years have passed since the first meeting, back in 2008 and before the first full-time acquaintance (April 2, 2018) ... In the summer of 2017, flipping through, among other things, car dealership sites "otomoto", "autohydas", "autoplus", "mobile.de" came across an Alfa GTV, in the color "Azzurro Nuvola Pearl" on the Lithuanian "autoplus". The photos showed slight damage to the exterior of the car, I found the car — but I couldn’t contact the seller, the seller didn’t reply to emails at the address indicated on the sales list, either by Russian or English by phone, and I by Lithuanian "not in the tooth," so the dialogue did not work out, even through the Google translator, Viber and other civilization achievements, the seller did not indulge. The car quickly disappeared from sale. Bought - with a sigh of disappointment rushed thoughts. A couple of months later, in November, a “brunette” of 1996 and the desired 2.0TS motor appeared on the same autoplus. This time, the seller responded very quickly, because he turned out to be a "car salesman", spoke good Russian. I sketched pictures in the right angles in Viber, shot a video how the car idles, how it rides. I took a pause to think ... The pause was delayed until the beginning of December, as it did not light the "brunette" fire of passion. On December 13, under D. Verdi’s stunning soundtrack of La Traviata’s opera, the thoughts about her continually unobtrusively made themselves felt ... Full size as time went … December 19, the "seller" himself went into the chat. with the question "Well, how did you think up?" ... If anything, I have one more. - How is one more ?! In what configuration? Motor? Body? Condition? - "A little later I will drop pictures, videos, I’ll write everything ... After a couple of days, the seller sent pictures of the second car, ... Full size Full size Full size Fak, I can’t believe my eyes, it’s IT, the same beauty that was on sale in the summer on the site, in the right color ... with the same external injuries of the lower lip of the front bumper, the crooked standing rear bumper and the mint of the rear right wing ... - On the run? What about the motor? Condition? Outwardly, her condition was better than that of the “brunette”, but the engine worked worse, he troil - but it did not really matter ... it was IT. We agreed not to spread the car for sale, book a car and solve the purchase issue in the spring. Winter has passed, spring has come, the snow has gone ... the seller periodically threw me a little photo ... so that the fire of passion does not die out :): Full size Full size Full size Full size Full size Full size So on April 1, plane tickets were bought, hour X came. April 2, in the parking lot near the sports complex, we met ... and both met me and "Azzurro Nuvola Pearl" and "brunette", Full size as it turned out they were from the same owner, both were given up for sale to the "seller of cars" ... As the first meeting showed, in order to get back together under the arm in Ukraine, you need to try - the car didn’t no longer drive, but only worked on two cylinders, but it starts up perfectly, literally half a turn. The car was deregistered, it ended with inspection and insurance… So, after solving all paper formalities, we went to the service station to solve problems with idle cylinders. I was introduced to an amazing person, Edward "Our Service", who helped me solve all the problems that arise during the maintenance process, and there were as many as three attempts (the third successful one). So for starters, the car was insured. In order to go to the MOT, they changed the oil, all the filters, replaced the candles, which were in a deplorable state, which is why he actually worked on two cylinders. Conducted diagnostics of sensors and actuators - everything is in working condition. Full size It was a candle, ... The car worked perfectly after replacing the candles. Let's go to the first MOT. On the way, Alpha began to act up - a completely warmed up engine, raised idle to 3,000 thousand and did not want to fall below, and this was not any malfunction of the sensor or IM, the engine ECU for some reason wanted "Desired XX rotations" of exactly 3000 rpm / min, and successfully supported them, and why 3000 did not want to admit ... We stopped at the first MOT. We got a “White Sheet” with the following list of discrepancies: license plate light on the right lamp does not light, low brake efficiency of the right rear wheel with a hand brake, crack in the front bumper (sharp edges), xenon in fog lights, inability to measure CO in XX mode, Alpha categorical I wanted to maintain twentieth revolutions at 850 rpm, increased CO at 3000 rpm. Replaced the lamp in the backlight, thanks to Edward from Our Service, they patched up the bursting lower lip of the bumper, revised the rear brakes, replaced the pads and the repair kit on the calipers, and again on TO. We spent the whole evening searching for the reasons for the increased revolutions of the twentieth, but did not solve this problem. The next morning - again on that. In the morning, Alpha started up and behaved pretty well, kept its twentieth speed normal, at the right level of 850 rpm. We arrived at the service and again received a white sheet ... Pichal trouble ... 1. Handbrake - the balance between the rear wheels after replacing the pads and revising the calipers leveled, BUT! the total force developed by the handbrake - fell below the limit value. 2. CO - at idle, normal, at 3,000 - overpriced ... Back to Edward's service. The fact that the brake discs needed to be changed was understandable immediately after the 1st maintenance, but they were simply not available in all warehouses in Vilnius, we decided to limit ourselves to pads. But now it was necessary to change both disks and pads again. Ordered pads and wheels. In the exhaust pipe in front of the L probe, fairly large corrosion holes were found through which air was sucked in and the mixture was rich, hence the CO was overestimated. Digested pipe from the entrance to the catalyst pants! Full size Replacing the pipe on leaky pants Yes, he still remained in the car, although he lost his effectiveness. The next day, brake discs and pads came, replaced and went to the third MOT. Have passed THAT, received the coveted "green leaf", put the car on the register and back to their homeland ... About 600 km of excellent roads of Lithuania and Poland flew very quickly. In 75 minutes they passed the “ribbon” and went home through the territory of their native Nenko of Ukraine. ... The Kovel-Bucha road, the quality of the roadway is practically not inferior to the roads of Poland and Lithuania, but the infrastructure is much worse (no markings, no signs compared to Europe, of course). It turned out to be difficult to maintain a speed of more than 100 km / h, the car began to smoke terribly with blue smoke and under the discharge of gas. The desired idle climbed back to the 3000 mark and did not fall to the desired level until Kiev. The Kovel-Bucha road lulled vigilance, when entering directly into Bucha, it was necessary to slow down to the floor so as not to fly into the pits - it broke the internal brake pad on the right front wheel. So they limped to their home. Full size Home Sweet Home … The average fuel consumption was 6.9 l / 100 km, oil ate 5.0 liters per 1000 km. The entire bumper in the rear in soot. We will remove the motor and conduct an audit ... and unclench to the degree of 8.5 ... Mileage: 216102 km
  10. Spike-5577

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