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  1. Italian Female wanted a make over...

    She threw herself through a hedge...
  2. Italian Female wanted a make over...

    Thanks Guys... The car is a 2001 GTV 2.0 tspark lusso with factory fitted areo kit. She is my every day drive and has just reached 90,000 miles on the clock. Rear end has been poly bushed but she is pretty standered otherwise.
  3. Italian Female wanted a make over...

    Now she's Super Model Gorgeous again...
  4. Italian Female wanted a make over...

    Then she was off to the beautician...
  5. lets do squadra meeting

    Thanks Charlee I will I hope to have her in the body shop sometime in the next few weeks... Damaged repaired and a full respray
  6. lets do squadra meeting

    I would love this to drive my baby all the way to meet up with you guys... I can't this year though so I hope it goes well for you all and you plan a meet for next year too so I can come along... I can not this year as I have had an accident and put my GTV through a hedge and into a field... Only body damage so she is going to a good body shop to make her better than before... Cheers and good luck with this meet... Mark
  7. Hi Everyone, Our Italian Motor club is 10 years old this year. We want to make this years annual show the best one yet. It is open to all Italian Machines so please come along and tell your friends, we had quite a few 916's last year but would welcome many more... The date for our NIIMC annual show has been confirmed as Saturday 25th May 2013. By popular demand we will be returning to Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn the venue for our last two shows. Have a look at the club site http://www.niimc.com/ Join up! Cheers Mark
  8. I will post some photo after the event. I hope some members here get to come along.
  9. 916 Book Complete Story

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is OK to post this? But I thought you might like to know about a really good book about our beloved 916 Alfa Romeo's. My Wife got me this as a Christmas present, It is very good. http://www.amazon.co...60662146&sr=1-1 I have No connection to the Author or publisher or Amazon! I just think this is a very good read and very informative about the GTV and Spider Cheers Mark
  10. Thank you! Maybe some of you Alfisti from mainland Europe would fancy an early summer run over to our show? A bit of a trek but well worth it... Northern Ireland is a fantastic place for a holiday!!! Mark
  11. Ards 20120320 00005

    I know but at what cost? I've got another GTV now but have kept this one from the insurance scrap yard, probably as a donor
  12. Ards 20120320 00003

    From the album Death of my first love

  13. Death of my first love

    A few pics of my poor Vela blue GTV after some fool pulled out in front of me without looking!
  14. Ards 20120320 00007

    From the album Death of my first love

  15. Member Map

  16. Must get out and polish Isabella

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