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  1. Ultimate 916 Spider

    They came with the car, oem and super rare
  2. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Love this colour!! After a nice little drive with the sun out i thought it would be a good opportunity to get some pics 😍😎 sorry I got a little carried away!πŸ˜‚
  3. Ultimate 916 Spider

    You can get yellow badges with the black serpant badge, seen them on a red gtv before however they are aftermarket
  4. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Hi, yeah the wheels are 18inch gt cloverleafs, the mud guards are original oem alfa romeo mud guards, very rare theses days, more pics to follow when the weather turns nice πŸ‘
  5. Ultimate 916 Spider

    New shoes, more pics to follow when the weather picks up πŸ‘
  6. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Jake's getting their, he has never done anything like this before so taking his time, he never welded either but hat off for giving it all a go πŸ‘
  7. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Looking good. Welshsteve the v6 busso vs twinspark turbo both have their advantages. The v6 is more reliable, smooth power delivery and feels quicker at higher speeds and that sound is addictive! The ts turbo I always have that dont push it to hard in the back of my mind because it's a twinny. Off the mark ts turbo is quicker than the v6 and when the turbo kicks in you get a more aggressive shove in the back, sounds great aswell but not as good as the v6..... not many engines do lol! In the corners the ts turbo is fantastic and on a windy road just brilliant! My v6 always was a little nose heavy but I never had q2. So both have their different strengths. So I would recommend a supercharged v6 with q2 lol! my friend is currently fitting a supercharger to his twinspark where the aircon unit fits 😎
  8. Ultimate 916 Spider

    To be fair I haven't saved this zoe it's in fantastic condition, just giving it some tlc really, Those flap things are oem aswellπŸ˜‚
  9. Ultimate 916 Spider

    I had a gtv v6 24value and that was very special, not many 12v around very rare! Started the deep clean today, using a zoe yellow clay bar for the zoe yellow spider πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  10. Ultimate 916 Spider

    I have only seen 2, one on alfaowners and the other on facebook with a cup kit, they are very rare.
  11. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Grazie? è un 2.0 ts. e in buone condizioni le ho dato un lucido per macchine oggi un colore così bello, grazie per il collegamento di riparazione del tetto è il mio prossimo lavoro, grazie
  12. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Well I was missing the gtv and found this little beauty, previously I have spent as little a possible when buying a 916 thinking ot was a bargain however you learn the hard way spending thousands putting it right, this time i purchased one that's been very well look after and a credit to the previous owner, the underside is spotless with no rust at all πŸ‘Œ so my advise to anyone buying a 916 is buy the best one you can find and afford πŸ‘the only issue is the electric hood doesnt work correctly so got some fetteling todo and I would like some better alloys possible 17s or 18s and maybe get them painted darker. Heres a picture of the zoe being collected, more pictures to follow after a good clean and polish πŸ‘
  13. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    😱Wow!! 😍😍
  14. Ultimate 916 Spider

    Theses 916 are fantastic cars and it great to personalise them. I have a new 916 coming a zoe yellow spider, gets delivered on the 4th cant waitπŸ€—πŸ˜‚
  15. Ultimate 916 Spider

    What a transformation! Looking great, I actually like the black against rosso red including the spoiler looks aggressive, cup kit looks cool in black remind me of that giulietta special edition.😎 Do you have another alfa looking? at the reflection on the door of your spider, looks like alfa wheel Do you have any other plans or is she done?

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