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Turbo Brutale

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Well time to introduce my new black baby...

99 V6 TB

Black/Black (I just realize that I only have had black alfas, all in 601 NERO... cool.gif)


10/1999 GD Chassis No.: 06062003 Vehicle No.: 06060607 Engine No.: 0007352

Componente: Code Description:









Just finished from a garage (Carrozzeria Alfa) for large service, some mods and fix some dents...

*Engine Service with all fluids, cam belt, pulleys and valve check.

*Repair and repaint because a rather large dent in right rear fender. (Not my fault!)


*305mm Brembos with Ferodo DS 2500 pads

*K&N replacement filter

*Magnecor KV85 plug cables

*White indicators

*New disrubutor cap and rotor

*New NGK Plugs


*18" OZ Ultraleggera

*Intrax or KW/Novitec coilovers

*Q2 Diff

*Squadra Chip

*Exhaust mods






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Nice Gtv!

The 305 brembo's are no luxury with the 12v v6 standard 284 it isnt much... :mellow:

Oz ultraleggera looks nice on the 916!

The Intrax kit is very good! but expensive.

I have the Konisport FK coilovers there fully adjustable.

Very good set for youre money.

The highsport (standard coilovers) from FK is not so good...

So you know. For picture check my garage.

But bevore you do anything.... go clean youre car! :P

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Hi and Nice Car, hope to see some other pics when you have all your new modifications done... :). What kind of exhaust is fitted - CSC ?

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Will keep the thread updated with pics and info asap!

The exhaust is for me still unknown. Will remove it for a double or quad straight pipes. Ragazzon is preferred with decat centre section from alfaholics...

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Some bits and bobs ordered from ebspares tonight.

Wishbones both sides and two wheel bearing kit for the new 24 valve wheelhubs...

Even refurbished the hubs. Glassblasted and painted. Pics coming ;)

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Coilovers are now ordered!




I've ordered following products:

2 x Wheel bearing Alfa 145,146 1.9 JTD,

155,GTV,Spider 2.5 -> 3.2 V6 151,18 EUR


2 x Stabilizer ouple bar for Alfa GTV & Spider

(916) front axle

2 x Rubber bearings for spring (RA upper) Alfa

GTV, Spider (916)

2 x Rubber bearings for spring (RA below) Alfa

GTV, Spider (916)

1 x Zender Aluminium Pedal Set

1 x Stainless Steel Pipe Set

1 x EBC Redstuff sport brakepads - Front

1 x Brembo Sport Brake Disc Set 'GT Sport' - front

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Do you have your own garage where you work on all those upgrades?

A friend of mine have a garage I can stay in to install my parts. Guess he will join me, but if not I'll do it myself :thumbsup:

Did you get the Zender pedals brand new?!?

They also got the footrest?

Nice upgrade with the Brembo's!

Yap brand new! They're pedals for a 156, but they fit perfect. The footrest dosen't fit. So I've heard at least, but maybe I can modify it...

Bought them here:


Looking forward to install the Brembos... :happy0045:B)

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6000k look really nice on the GTV.

You could make a DIY if you find the time...

I always wanted to do that but the boys in blue here in Austria hate the HIDs <_<

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Nice upgrades! Did you have some plans performance wise except the exhaust?

After you have upgraded your ignition leads to Magnecore KV85 you can upgrade the original coil to MSD Blaster 2 (and from there is free shipping worldwide). This coil is not recommended if you have old original leads.

I want to ask you about Squadra chip that you mention. I know that they are very good. Did you mean that after all other upgrades you will go to Squadra office and they will put your car on their dyno and will custom setup the car (which is the best variant in my opinion) or you will buy and install their common chip for GTV V6 tb or you will say to them what you have done to your car and they will write the two chip with the upgrades in mind.

P.S. That is question that I want to ask everyone that have or think to use Squadra tuning. I even think to make a topic for variants of setting up of ECU, especially for V6 tb (which is the only model with turbocharger in the 916 family).

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Hi Kunev.

Thank you for mensioning that. I'll see what happens next.

Performance-wise it would be fun to install GT28RS turbo and a front mounted IC. Together with a new ignition system... But for a start I will stop by Stefan at Squadra tuning during the summer. I think I will let him install the standard chip. If not I may get it shippet up to Norway and do it myself.

Interesting if you start a thread on the ECU :)

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