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Found 10 results

  1. It's time to open my 916 garage! After 3 years, 3 month and 14 days she get out from this garage: Ex owner last ride, he was pretty : Coming to new home: More to coming...
  2. The Power Plant

  3. Turbo Brutale

    Well time to introduce my new black baby... 99 V6 TB Black/Black (I just realize that I only have had black alfas, all in 601 NERO... ) CURRENT VEHICLE DATA: 10/1999 GD Chassis No.: 06062003 Vehicle No.: 06060607 Engine No.: 0007352 Componente: Code Description: SEAT LINING 440 BLACK LEATHER FACIA BOARD 080 BLACK HATBOX 080 BLACK FRONT DOOR PANEL 440 BLACK LEATHER CARPETS 080 BLACK ROOF PANEL COVERING 060 GREY PILLAR COVERING 060 GREY MEASURING INSTRUMENT 080 BLACK Just finished from a garage (Carrozzeria Alfa) for large service, some mods and fix some dents... *Engine Service with all fluids, cam belt, pulleys and valve check. *Repair and repaint because a rather large dent in right rear fender. (Not my fault!) Mods: *305mm Brembos with Ferodo DS 2500 pads *K&N replacement filter *Magnecor KV85 plug cables *White indicators *New disrubutor cap and rotor *New NGK Plugs Plans: *18" OZ Ultraleggera *Intrax or KW/Novitec coilovers *Q2 Diff *Squadra Chip *Exhaust mods
  4. 2.0 V6 TB

  5. Aluminium Oil Cap

  6. GTV 3.0 lusso '99 #1

    From the album AL 916's GTV V6

  7. Sawasdee from Thailand

    At last, after extensively going through all the useful topics and discussions in this forum, I have made my decision and she now sits in the garage awaiting a few parts to be replaced. First registered in Japan 2002 and imported to Thailand in 2011. Approx 57,000 km on the counter. From what I learned from authorised dealer, they have never imported V6 here. So, I guess this is the one and only 3.0 V6 24V Zoe Yellow Spider in Thailand.
  8. Ciao from Italy with Gtv 3.2

    Hi Guys from Italy! My name is Victor and i am the proud owner of a Gtv 3.2 V6 24v from 2004 in Grigio Meteora. This site is amazing!! I have already spent hours reading topics! I didn't knew that the 916 had so many fans from all over the world! Here in Italy is still an undervalued model from Alfisti
  9. From the front

    From the album 99 Blue Style GTV V6

  10. Alfadudens GTV TB 3

    From the album Alfadudes GTV TB

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