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Found 1 result

  1. It´s time for a short introduction! My name is Jimme, living in Amsterdam Holland most of my life. Not necessarily born, but definetely raised with Alfa Romeo since my early childhood. My father used to work for Alfa Romeo Netherlands for years. Before I got my driving license I used to spent my time on the backseats of a Giulia, 90, several 75s, several 164s and of course 33s. Once I got my driving license at 18 I finally was allowed to drive these cars myself as well. The one I remember most vividly was the 155 Q4 with the Integrale motor and four wheel drive, amazing cornering! Another epic moment in that time was the introduction of the SZ which were delivered to the head office before being distributed. I was so lucky to see 15+ brand new SZs standing there ontouched! My own Alfa life began with a 146 1.4 Junior which was my first lease car in 1998. It had the same trim as the top range 2.0 QV, but only with the 1.4 engine unfortunately :-( Still loved the car all the same. Drove many times to the Austrian Alps for skiing, the south of France and Scandanavia for holiday, never had a problem with that car. A couple of years later I bought a 10 year old 164 2.0 Super and a 145 1.4 Junior for my girlfriend, life was perfect ;-) After a couple of years with a family people carrier (lease Citroen Picasso) to accomodate for my two beautiful daughters, it was time for a true Alfa again. As it did not have to be a daily driver or anything practical, I went for my ultimate Alfa, the GTV with the Busso V6. Did my research and concluded it had to be a phase 2 from 2000 or later, because of the nicer dashboard, 6 speed gearbox and some other specific items. While researching found that there was a specific version delivered in Germany of which only 500 were produced and the trim was exactly what I wanted. In no time I found one with only 84000Km from 2001 which I could not get off of my mind. Imported it in 2010, got it serviced properly and now enjoying it every time, all the time! Cheers, Jimme PS: I posted the URL to www.squadra916.com on our Dutch www.alfa916register.nl site, so you will see more and more Dutch 916 enthousiasts joining here as well! We have a very active community in NL loving the 916 ;-)

Welcome to Squadra916

Squadra916 is the largest international community for owners and fans of Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider 916 cars.