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  1. AP18-fb-event-02.jpg


    Cuore Sportivo HR, our Croatian Alfa Romeo club is having an annual event called Alfa Passione in Istria this year. It will be an Alfa Romeo tour of beatiful Istria on the 19th and on the 20th we will be off to the recently rebuild Grobnik race track with a chance for eveyone to test the sparkling new tarmac. 




    Hotel Croatia in Duga Uvala. It's a beatiful place with enough parking space for all our Alfas. 

    Room prices are around 20€ per person.




    REGISTRATIONS: http://www.alfapassione.com/english/

  2. 3.0 24V engines and generally less delicate. Camshafts and other problematic parts for the TB are starting to be impossible to find. Even water pumps. I know it's a nightmare to have it stripped again, but it would be worth it in the end. My car is not in original form anymore so I am not really bothered with sale value.


    Maybe I'm wrong, but it would be great to have a 3.0 again ;) 

  3. 1 hour ago, jonalfaspider said:

    Bud it already does, you haven't posted any pics in a while do you still have the jetfins


    Sold the jetfins, then bought them again for my daily driver and sold them again :happy0045: Don't like them on my GTV at all. I have 17" teles at the moment and probably will for some time.


    The car is still in storage. Will get it out this week and take a couple of pics

  4. Car has started and I have even managed to connect MES to the engine. I have a lambda error. Not bad

    Regarding the high idle problems I had. When dismantling the throttle body when it was painted, I haven’t positioned the TPS correctly so the throttle was slightly open when idle. Hence the 2200 rpm. All fixed now.


    The P2 conversion is almost complete. Rear heater is working, but I had to get an N82 box from later models to make it work as OEM. I really don’t want any hidden buttons for original features, so it all has to be 100% functional. Aircon will have to wait as I need to get P2 V6 TB piping.


    The dash and door cards were painted black and it looks like new now. Can’t wait to install it possibly this weekend.


    The centre console will be covered in anthracite alcantara.


    I am really thinking about installing a 3.0 24V engine. Has anyone done it? 166 3.0 engines and gearboxes can be bought for little money nowadays.


  5. On 4/12/2017 at 08:12, Artiz1 said:

    Yep :)

    As of yesterday evening, 5 orders have been already sent out. Today all remaining orders will be sent out and everyone will get an email notification with a tracking number, as you just did :thumbsup:


    I honestly thank everyone for participating in this group buy and I was really pleasantly surprised that every single participant eventually placed his order :) This was the first ever group buy (out of many hosted), where everyone willing really committed. This just once again proves, what a magnificent car marque we are proudly driving! A marque, which unites so many nice people all over the world! Salute! :thumbsup:


    Thank you for making this happen for us! We are all a fair and happy bunch :D 


    Can't wait for the sleeves to arrive.