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  5. Not the usual way, to go from Busso to Twin Spark, but if your roads are more suitable for a lighter nose, you'll be good.
  6. Spiros

  7. Hi, after having a 3.0 V6 24 for 9 years I part changed for a 1998 mod 2.0 TS and cash from an owner who had had it for 8 months, done all belts and water pump, internal engine clean 3 oil shifts, internal gear box, new plugs, lambda, new arms at rear suspention ++ and some touch up point. Car rather tidy for 178.000 km, and used year round at heavy salted roads here in Norway - so a bit rust, but no disaster. Started by changing, both drive shafts (heavy vibration), front suspension arms, and now about to change new but rubbish breaks (why do some people (not the gyu I bought from) buy the cheapest stuff?? Useless) with new discs and Ferrodo DS 2500, new top struts both sides, Magneti Marelli front shocks, bump stops etc etc. (A set of Bilstein B6 with 20.000 km will be coming for sale as I find them a bit on the stif side for my current use.) A very nice drive and although engine does obviously not have the grunt and power of the V6, it is still a lively unit and weight balance makes is a better drivers car on small roads. Regards Øyvind
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  13. ciao....from italia

    ciao im a new in this forum i have alfa romeo gtv v turbo and 164 v6 turbo thanks for this fantastic forum
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  19. Nachdem ich nun seit 3 Jahren einen Zweiliter 16V besitze, habe ich durch Corseart Car Parts diese Community gefunden. Meine Liebe zu Alfa Romeo begann in 2007 mit einem neuen GT 1,8 TS in Nero Carbonio Distinctive Ausstattung den ich noch immer mein eigen nennen darf. In 2017 habe ich nach fast viermonatiger Recherche einen 916er aus 2004 als Editione Sportive aus zweiter Hand erworben. Traumzustand, kein Wartungsstau, in 12 Jahren nur 54Tkm gelaufen. . . . . Glücksgriff Ich freue mich nun ein Teil dieses Forums zu sein und hoffe auf eine gute Zeit mit Euch! Ciao loodie
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  22. TS BBK, Zender Pedals and Bilstein B6 TS shocks

    put them on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323847771501
  23. hryser

  24. Ultimate 916 Spider

    God I love those Toora wheels. Looking all good chap! [emoji106]
  25. GTV V6 TURBO 1996

    Hello to all. I am Panos from Greece. I have been following the site since I bought my GTV almost a year ago. Its a 1996 GTV V6 Turbo with only 2 previous owners in completely original condition except the ugly and wrong 156 rims and non-original color (should have been grigio chiaro but had been resprayed by previous owner with some other sort of silver metallic paint, very blingy and not to my taste). The car has been substantially rebuilt and refurbished during the last year, I will follow up with more pics in other posts. Going for a paint-job tomorrow. The final touches!
  26. Craig C

  27. New member

    Beautiful car Welcome here!!
  28. TS BBK, Zender Pedals and Bilstein B6 TS shocks

    I'm afraid that's far beyond what I thought. I already have a zender replicas, and I was willing to switch them for real ones, but not at that price. Thank you very much, and good luck!
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